President Trump Just Told Chinese President Xi Jinping to Stick It Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Chinese President Xi Jinping is really screwing around with the wrong guy! Despite their chummy antics during Trump’s historic Asia trip in November, the two world leaders are anything but best buddies and as the trade war escalates, Jinping has found himself in over his head.

The Chinese export economy is mission-critically dependent on American importation. By alienating United States interests, the Chinese are really shooting themselves in the foot…

Check it out per Financial Times:

When China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, it promised to abide by the rules of the international trading order. Instead, it has broken every rule in the fair trade book on the way to expanding its annual gross domestic product from $1.3tn to $11.2tn.

Meanwhile, since 2001, under the Bush and Obama presidencies, the US economy lost more than 60,000 factories and millions of manufacturing jobs. Only now is the American economy beginning to renew its strength on the wings of President Donald Trump’s four-point growth plan: historic tax cuts, a wave of constructive deregulation, the unleashing of America’s energy sector and progress on a number of trade fronts — from domestic investment-inducing tariffs on solar and washing machines to a new, fair deal with South Korea.

Nonetheless, progress with a relentlessly protectionist China remains elusive. It is certainly not due to a lack of American effort. When Mr Trump took office, he gave China every opportunity to negotiate an end to its unfair trade practices, hosting a summit in April at Mar-a-Lago and visiting Beijing in November. Despite these olive branches, the Chinese have refused to end their unfair trade practices; and the US trade deficit in goods with China has grown from $347bn in 2016 to $375bn during Mr Trump’s first year in office.

China’s reaction to Mr Trump’s legitimate defense of the American homeland has been a Great Wall of denial — despite incontrovertible evidence of Beijing’s illicit and protectionist behaviour. Instead, China is attacking American farmers with the threat of retaliatory tariffs in the apparent hope of rattling a key component of the coalition that put Mr Trump in office. There is a reason, however, that the president sits behind the Resolute desk in the Oval Office. And when he stands, Mr Trump stands up for the American people — and American farmers.

One of the reasons the American people came out in record numbers for President Trump in 2016 was his negotiating skills. We wanted a shrewd businessman to reign in spending, slash regulatory burdens, and get the economy moving again. And that’s exactly what we got.

President Trump, thank you for your service, sir!

What’s your take on our trade war with China?